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  • Welcome To Paradise!

    Welcome To Paradise!

    Here at Koh Tao .Asia we specialize in helping you plan the perfect getaway. From Accommodations, Diving Courses, Sailing trips,  Adventure Packages and so much more. Book the trip of a lifetime with us.
  • Koh Tao Diving

    Koh Tao Diving

    Experience the magic of diving in the gulf of Thailand. Read More
  • Breathtaking Beaches

    Breathtaking Beaches

    Koh Tao has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Read More
  • Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Come play, relax, rejuvinate and let go. Koh Tao is the place for it all.

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Bakeries & Cafes

BakeriesOver the last few years excellent cafes and bakeries have opened on ‘Turtle Rock’ - from Chalok Baan Kao all the way to Sairee beach, with one even in Tanote bay. These establishments although all different, offer freshly baked goodies like cakes, pastries and breads, a variety of meats, cheeses and sandwich fillers, fresh shakes, coffees & teas and other items like salads or health foods. Check out the listings to find which one is closest to you to satisfy those early morning breakfast needs!



Living Juices

Living-JuicesArea:  Sairee
Cuisine:  Health food cafe
Cost:  70 - 200 THB per person
take out70x48menu icon106x36Tel.: 090 171 5281

Small health food cafe specialised in fruit, veggie, & green juices, pure and creamy smoothies, superfoods, homemade chocolates & snacks, protein bars and shakes, food workshops, acupuncture, Zero-Balancing, health coaching, nutritional advice, juice detoxes, think tank and social hangout.

Find us opposite Asia Divers resort. We are open Mon-Sat from 7.30 till 13.30

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New Heaven Bakery

New heaven cafeArea:  Saireewifi-spot-free50x35Cuisine:  Breakfast / Lunch / Bakery
Cost: 150 - 250 THB per person
Tel.: 077 456 554


European inspired breakfasts, Health consious morning shakes, Freshly baked breads, delicious treats, and a modern cool atmosphere make New Heaven Bakery a popular brunch spot.  Located in central Sairee, the menu accommodates vegetarians and different appetities.  Portions are either full or mini size to ensure you really get what you want.  Salads and sandwiches make a nice alternative to other set breakfast items.

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Greasy Spoon

greasy spoonmenu icon106x36Area:  Mae Haad
Cuisine:  Breakfast
fooddelivery71x44Cost:  100 -300 THB per person
Tel.: 086 272 1499


Greasy Spoon serves a good selection of English and American breakfast.

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Through the Looking Glass

Area:  SaireeKoh Tao Bakeries through the looking glastake out70x48
Cuisine:  Bakery / Sandwiches
Cost:  50 - 150 THB per person
Tel.: 087 812 1217

One of the busiest spots for the island's ex-pats and dive trainees.  Alice Through the Looking Glass is a bakery serving freshly made sandwiches and treats, but only until 2pm.  The ingredients used are of the highest quality and have special toppings like homemade salsa, pumpkin cubes, and hummus.  Vegetarian options are available, along with homemade pasties and  and sweet treats.  Try the millionaire's square or carrot cake for an out of this world experience.  Early mornings the fridge is full of pre-made sandwiches for divers on the go.  Can't find what you love, they will gladly make you a custom made sandwich to satisfy your needs.  Special occasion cakes are also available when ordered ahead.

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Koppee Bakery & Cafe

KoppeeArea:  Chalok Ban Kaowifi-spot-free50x35
Cuisine: Bakery, Lunch, Coffee
Ctake out70x48ost:  100 - 250 THB
Tel.: 077 456 587


A family run cafe with a relaxed & friendly atmosphere offering a sea view and both outdoor & indoor seating. The Koppee staff speak good English and are very helpful and not just with your orders but with sight seeing & local information too. 

Sit down and enjoy some of the fresh local and exotic fruit combinations (for shakes & smoothies), health drinks, herbal teas or freshly brewed coffee whilst picking at the brains of the lovely Thai owner  - Khun Kaen, for accurate and informative Koh Tao history and "once upon a time" stories.

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Cappucino Area:  Mae Haad, Chalok Ban Kao
wifi-spot-free50x35Cuisine: Bakery, Lunch, Coffee
Cost:  100 - 250 THB per person


If you like French pastries, authentic French baguettes and delicious cappuccino then this is the cafe for you.  The menu has sandwiches and pastas, but lighter foods and desserts are also available.  Several travelers enjoy the range of coffees and continental style breakfasts.  Cappuccino is as close as it gets to a French cafe on Koh Tao.

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