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Advanced Course


  • TriggerfishDuration: 3 days7000
  • Min. age: 18 years (16 with parents consent)
  • Max depth: 30–32m
  • Certification: Apnea, AIDA or SSI

The advanced course brings you to a whole new level  of your free diving experience and is the next step to becoming a master.  It will consist of more in water training and advanced theory usually by way of 3 academic lessons and 3 open water session, a static breath hold and a dynamic session.


Theory will include the mammalian dive reflex, warm up routines, advanced pre-dive breathing patterns and apnea walks.  It also covers warm exhale dives and the stages and planning of deep dives.  You will also learn new techniques for visualization, packing, equalization, advanced breathing and relaxation combined with advanced lungs, thoracic and diaphragm stretching techniques.

FishThe course also covers the physiological aspects of deeper diving and the laws that govern them, Dalton’s law of partial pressure and an introduction to the effects of nitrogen when deep diving, together with the basics of equipment and rigging for deeper dives.

The In-water sessions vary slightly agency dependent but may entail performing your own and providing safety for a fins and fins-free maximum static breath-hold dive, an attempt at a minimum 3 minute breath hold, followed by exhale dives, stretching and breathing exercises on the boat, full preparation., facial immersion and finally deep safety & rescue, managing and controlling a freefall and deep dives (max 40 meters).

This course also gives you an Introduction to free-diving competition disciplines such as Free Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight (CWT) and Constant Weight No Fins (CNF).  Advanced courses vary slightly depending on the agency you choose. For more detailed descriptions of each course contact us.

Consists of:Durban Dancing Shrimp

  • Theory sessions7000
  • Breathing and relaxation tecniques
  • In-water training
  • Deep dives


  • Previous level certification and or rescue certification agency dependent


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