• Welcome To Paradise!

    Welcome To Paradise!

    Here at Koh Tao .Asia we specialize in helping you plan the perfect getaway. From Accommodations, Diving Courses, Sailing trips,  Adventure Packages and so much more. Book the trip of a lifetime with us.
  • Koh Tao Diving

    Koh Tao Diving

    Experience the magic of diving in the gulf of Thailand. Read More
  • Breathtaking Beaches

    Breathtaking Beaches

    Koh Tao has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Read More
  • Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Come play, relax, rejuvinate and let go. Koh Tao is the place for it all.


thai-moneyThe expenses of visiting and living in Koh Tao fluctuate based on the standard of living and the type of activities one engages in.  Koh Tao being an island is definintely more expensive than the mainland, as everything is imported via boat, however the island can still be budget friendly and great deals can be found.

Accommodation on the island can vary between 250 THB - 30 000 THB per night and range from dormatories to luxurious penthouse suites.  Almost any type of accommodation can be arranged and the types of amenities and features one desires will be reflected in the price.  For longer stays, it is always more economical to rent a bungalow, apartment, or house on a monthly basis.  Great deals on beautiful houses can be a solution to a holiday of 3 weeks or more.  Monthly rentals is also a great option when traveling with a bigger group or family because some houses have up to 3 bedrooms.

Food costs also vary on Koh Tao.  If eating local cuisine where the Thai's eat, then a meal should cost you about 30-80 THB.  Thai food is so delicious that this can be a great way to save for the budget traveler.  For those who want some culinary experiences, then the Western restaurants offering creative and comfort foods will ring up a higher bill ranging from 200 - 1000 THB per meal.  Anything imported from abroad will be more expensive, but local Thai products are still extremely affordable.

Costs also add up depending on the activities one engages in while on Koh Tao.  Diving courses are still the cheapest in the world here, spa treatmens are a fraction of what anyone would pay in the west, and renting a motorbike is only expensive if you damage it.  Depending on the type of visit one is planning Koh Tao can accommodate.  Luxury is so affordable in Thailand that depending on how many upgrades you chose whilst here, costs can add up.  Just remember going to the beach or hiking the jungle terrain is always free.