• Climbing Koh Tao

    Climbing Koh Tao

    Come and experience a view from the top.
  • Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Magical spots with natural wonder.
  • Feel the Natural Granite

    Feel the Natural Granite

    Beautiful landscape to excite any climber.

Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Master Climber

  • Length: 2-4 weeks (flexible schedule)master climberBook now
  • Difficulty: Hard


The Master Climber package is designed for people who have an interest in climbing heights, a desire for adventure and a real passion to get involved in the diverse world of climbing. 

Rock Climbing is an increasingly growing sport becoming more accessible to all levels of climbers.  Like all adventure sports, climbing is not without its risks and therefore requires all climbers to be responsible and follow all safety procedures. Throughout the weeks of the course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to safely explore the vertical realm in Koh Tao and anywhere else around the world. Training never ends upon the completion of the course as climbing is a sport that you can enjoy and progress at for a lifetime.  We are here to teach you how to take that initial first vertical leap!

 In addition to the Rock 1- 6 courses you will also receive:

  •   Climbing or bouldering with any groups
  •   Use of climbing or bouldering equipment any time
  •   Experience as a climbing guide
  •   Experience as a abseil guide
  •   Experience as a zip line guide
  •   Experience at assisting teaching courses
  •   New route finding, clearing and bolting experience


The Sky's the limit !!!