• Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Empty beaches and amazing views are waiting for you.
  • Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Amazing sunsets around Koh Tao
  • Ang Thong National Park

    Ang Thong National Park

    Sail with us to the beautiful Ang Thong National park.

Sailing Koh Tao - Feel the freedom

Ocean Hiker Sailing Course (Koh Tao)

  • Duration: 5 daysKoh Tao Sailing - Fun on the boatBook Now
  • Min. people: 1
  • Max. people: 6
  • Cerification: Competent Crew


After 5 days you can expect to log at least 100 Natutical Miles including a 4 hour overnight sail.  All the standards in the Ocean Hiker Sailing Course are equivalent to the RYA Competent Crew Certificate, and upon completion of the course you will receive an Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Card recognizable by other certifying agencies.  At the end of the course students will leave with the essential knowledge of sailing, basic knowledge of ocean sailing, and most importantly confidence.


The sailing course syllabus below gives an idea of the subjects covered:

  • knowledge of sea terms and parts of a boat , her rigging and sailsSailingon Koh Tao - Knots
  • other types of sailboats and other riggings
  • sail handling and types of sails
  • rope work and knots including splicing ropes
  • fire precautions and fire fighting
  • safety equipment
  • MOB -man overboard maneuver
  • emergency equipment,
  • introduction to chart work
  • introduction to electronic navigation, digital charts, GPS
  • board electronic including VHF Radio, e-mail, satellite phoneSailing in strong wind
  • manners and customs
  • rules of the road
  • navigation lights
  • dinghies
  • meteorology, Beaufort scale, weather forecasting
  • helmsman-ship and sailing
  • anchoring or mooring
  • duties

This sailing course syllabus is identical to the sailing programs of the RYA or ISA.

The 5 day ocean hiker sailing course can be booked for one person or for groups (maximum 6).


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For the Ocean Hiker Sailing Course the departure times can vary depending on weather conditions and training goals. There is no accommodation or food included in this course.