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Advanced Underwater Photography Workshop

Advanced Underwater Photography WorkshopBull Shark

  • Duration: 5-days
  • Dives: 9 dives
  • Certification:Optional

The Advanced Underwater Photography Workshop covers more advanced underwater photography skills and techniques.

You will learn many more skills including: Colour loss, underwater light behaviour and turbidity, understanding the histogram & using highlight warning, utilising the LCD and review modes, how to overcome camera system limitations, beating shutter-lag and the benefits of using the RAW File Format.

The use of camera modes such as aperture mode (Av) & shutter priority mode, understanding manual exposure adjustments, secondary effects of aperture, shutter speeds & ISO, strobe set-up and in-built flash power adjustment and TTL & Manual controls.

You will also learn about the modes, positions and adjustments when using a strobe, the correct lighting for close-up and mid-range subjects, backscatter control,Wide-angle lighting with dual strobes and ambient lighting.

Also covered will be macro techniques using a Close-Up Lens, shallow depth-of-field (bokeh), techniques for using a Yellowstripe Scadwide-angle lens and lose-Focus Wide-Angle (CFWA) techniques, night photography, assessment of subject potential and approach techniques, pre-planning & visualisation (Mind-Set), advanced composition, advanced photo editing with Adobe Lightroom and an Introduction to DSLR underwater camera systems.

During the course you will be accompanied on each dive by a professional underwater photographer who will assist you with camera settings, composition, approach techniques & subject selection. After each dive you will be given feedback and tips on how to improve your images and techniques.

Upon completion you will understand the limitations of compact camera systems and how to overcome them, understand how to vary the cameras manual settings to adjust exposure and how this effects your photos, be able to set up a strobe on your camera system and how to light macro, close-up, mid-range and wide-angle subjects with both single and dual strobes; know how to limit backscatter, understand how to assess subject potential and to use visualisation techniques to improve your images; have knowledge of advanced composition and understand the benefits of more advanced underwater camera equipment.

Below is a typical courses schedule however they can vary slightly.

  • Day 1: A.M. theory session and equipment familiarisation, followed by dive brief P.M. dives 1 & 2
  • Day 2: A.M. debrief for dive 1 & 2, photo review & theory session, followed by dive brief for afternoon dives P.M. dives 3 & 4 followed by brief for dives morning dives
  • Day 3: A.M. dives 5 & 6 - P.M. debrief for dive 3, 4, 5 & 6, photo review, Basic Lightroom tutorial & photo editing practice, brief for morning dives
  • Day 4: A.M. dive 7 & 8 - P.M. debrief for dives 7 & 8, photo review, brief for night dive, dive 9 (night dive)
  • Day 5: A.M. debrief for night dive, photo review, Advanced Lightroom tutorial -- P.M. photo editing practiceXeno Crab


If you would like private tuition it can be arranged from as little as 9000 THB extra or if you would like more time to practice each additional day is charged at 4000 THB just let us know when you are booking.