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Underwater Videography Courses

BSAC Pro Video Course

  • Fun With the underwater cameraDuration: 1-4 weeks coursebsacBook nowdependent
  • Min. age: 18 years
  • Certification: BSAC Pro Certification card

Broaden your diving horizons and learn how to capture the amazing underwater world on film!

The Pro Underwater Videography course is unlike any other  in the world whereas by completing the course you are awarded a recognized BSAC Pro Certification card. The course mainly consists of 12 dives where you will be equipped with a Sony HD camera & Aquatica HD Wave Housing, where you learn a multitude of skills needed in enabling you to become a Pro Underwater Videographer. These include entry & exit techniques with a camera, use of white balance, competent fining & position in water, macro filming, composition & correct use of light whilst still adhering to safe diving practices. In addition to this you are allocated at least 50 hours in the editing suit assisted by a fully qualified Underwater Videography Instructor at all times.


hd iconOceans Below has  a vast knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and will teach you everything you need to turn your raw footage into professional high quality films. These skills include:

  • shot selection,
  • colour correction,
  • cutting footage appropriately to music & titles!

By the end of the course you will be able to export your finished film in full HD and also smaller sized files which you can instantly upload to the internet and show your family & friends your creation.
In addition to filming underwater & learning how to edit your footage into a professional looking piece we also teach correct camera & housing maintenance. This is is an invaluable part of the course as we find many trainees get hooked, purchase their own equipment and embark on their underwater filming adventure!

Filming a whale sharkTo further your creative skills, become more proficient in the editing suit & introduce yourself to on land camera work, we allocate two days in which you create a land based project of your choice. This gives you an opportunity to explore a concept, storyboard, scriptwriting, shot list, filming & editing your final production. Students find this highly rewarding and often surprise themselves with what they produce.

For the internship program (only available after the 2 week BSAC Pro course) there are two possible choices:

  • UWVIDEO oceansbelow boatThe first of which is the tourist souvenir video internship where you will learn the art of video production & sales which can lead to job opportunities and a return on your investment.
  • The second available internship is documentary film making. This is where you get a chance to make a short documentary on a subject of your choosing and take it through from the initial idea to final piece.

The pro underwater videography course requires minimum certification level of PADI rescue diver or equivalent with no less than 50 logged dives. If you want every day to be an adventure, want to capture the true beauty of the underwater world on film and want to embark on a passion that is truly addictive then this is the course for you!

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