• Welcome To Paradise!

    Welcome To Paradise!

    Here at Koh Tao .Asia we specialize in helping you plan the perfect getaway. From Accommodations, Diving Courses, Sailing trips,  Adventure Packages and so much more. Book the trip of a lifetime with us.
  • Koh Tao Diving

    Koh Tao Diving

    Experience the magic of diving in the gulf of Thailand. Read More
  • Breathtaking Beaches

    Breathtaking Beaches

    Koh Tao has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Read More
  • Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Living the Life on a Tropical Island

    Come play, relax, rejuvinate and let go. Koh Tao is the place for it all.

Koh Tao Activities


 Koh Tao - wakeboarding aroud a tropicasl island.Koh Tao's accelered growth and development over the last 5 years has largely expanded the list of activities to do on the island.  Diving is no longer the main thing to do  despite its continuing popularity. Other water activities from stand up paddle surfing to Kayaking are available.  Several water sport rental businesses will rent you a Kayak for one person or two people for a few hours or a whole day.  The truly adventurous try to circle the entire island whereas others paddle to the open blue and catch some rays.  Snorkelling is another popular and budget friendly activity.  With such lively waters housing different corals and marine life a view from the top is a holiday must.  Motorized water sports like jet skiing are not allowed on the waters surrounding the island. With such an environmental impact and risk factor to divers and coral, Jet skis have been banned on Koh Tao.  Longtail boats are available to rent for half-day or day trips.  A driver will take you around the island, drop you off at any beaches that you desire, and even take you to some of the most famous snorkelling spots.

Off Road BikingNot interested in water activities? How about heading to the hills of Koh Tao.  Hiking is a popular passtime, with several viewpoints highlighting the gorgeous panoramics of the island shores and waters.  For a more thrilling adventure in the hills, one may want to try and rock climb or even rent a dirt-bike and try the motorbike track for an adrenaline kick. Special licenses are not needed to rent a motorbike, however having some experience may be necessary to avoid damage to the rental bike and to the body.

If you enjoy high flying, then a full trapeze has been set up in Koh Tao for the brave at heart.  A lesson at the trapeze will give you one on one time with instructors to cover technique followed by some flying attempts.  Packages for a more regular practice on the trapeze are also available. 

ForBowling something less adventurous, but equally fun, try Koh Tao's mini golf and bowling centre.  Understand that this isn't a professional bowling alley, but instead a throwback to the Flinstones era with a staff member sitting behind the pins and lifting their legs every time a ball is heading their way.  The experience is so funny, that the whole family is surely going to bond and laugh through the whole afternoon.

For those wishing to integrate further into the Koh Tao local culture, volunteer activities are possible.  Animal lovers, no experience necessary can volunteer at the Koh Tao Animal Clinic and spend some time with our furry friends.  Beach clean-ups above and below water are often organized and free for volunteers.  Ask your nearest dive shop about a clean-up schedule.  Finally, if you love children, you can volunteer at the local school and help out with teaching.  The best way to integrate into Koh Tao is knowing the locals, and these are sure ways to get you involved.